• Job protection through legislative action.
  • Consultative sessions with Postal Headquarters about issues that concern you and your job.
  • UPMA listens to the needs and concerns of members and takes those concerns to Postal Headquarters.
  • UPMA gives you the opportunity to take important issues to your representatives on Capitol Hill, where your voice will be heard.
  • Gives you a sense of pride in knowing you belong to an organization that truly cares and does something about the needs of its members.


  • Education and information that is important for your job and your future.
  • Educational training and materials provided in The UPMA Leader, on the UPMA website and at local, state and national events.
  • 3-digit educational meetings at your local level addressing local, area and national issues affecting your job and your ability to perform effectively.
  • The UPMA gives you opportunities to expand your knowledge, both personally and professionally.
  • A lifeline to assist with the many fast-paced changes in the Postal Service.


  • Networking on the state and national level, whether at UPMA events or in your home office.
  • UPMA provides you with an entire network of contacts that will help make your job easier.

For more information about the UPMA, how to contact your chapter, current membership offers, additional benefits of membership and how to join, contact our National Headquarters or visit the website.

United Postmasters and Managers of America
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