Senate Confirms Two Board of Governors; President Nominates Two More

Posted by User Not Found on 08/29/18
Yesterday, the U.S. Senate confirmed Robert Duncan and David Williams as members of the Postal Service Board of Governors by voice vote. In addition, President Trump nominated Ron Bloom and Roman Martinez IV to the Board of Governors.

Governors Duncan and Williams will join Postmaster General Megan Brennan and Deputy Postmaster General Ron Stroman on the Board. The position to which Duncan was confirmed expires on December 8, 2018; and Williams' position expires on December 8, 2019. Their terms may be extended for one year should the President not nominate a successor prior to expiration of their respective appointments. David Williams is the immediate past USPS Inspector General, and Robert Duncan a former chairman of both the Republican National Committee and the Tennessee Valley Authority.

Board of Governor nominee Ron Bloom occupied positions in a number of labor organizations and was part of the Treasury Department during the Obama Administration, with responsibilities in economic policy and manufacturing. In 2011, he was retained by the NALC to provide advice on postal reform. Nominee Roman Martinez has been a director at the Cigna Corporation and a partner of Lehman Brothers, where he served for more than thirty years. Bloom is being nominated for a board position that expires December 8, 2020. and Martinez is being nominated for a position that expires December 8, 2024. Should their nominations be confirmed by the Senate, there would remain 5 Board of Governor vacancies, all of whom must be nominated by President Trump and confirmed by the Senate.