UPMA Pays Tribute to Sen. John S. McCain

Posted by User Not Found on 08/27/18
In early 2005, Sen. John McCain, a senior member of the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee held court with the legislative chairs representing the nation's Postmasters. At that time, the senator recognized the efforts of his close colleagues, Sens. Susan Collins and Joseph Lieberman for their work on postal reform legislation. Sen. McCain stated that he supported the need to make the changes necessary to ensure the continued viability of the Postal Service. Below is a picture that appeared in the May/June issue of the Postmasters Gazette that memorializes the presentation. Subsequent to the 2005 get together, Sen. McCain took a number of positions on postal legislation with which Postmasters could not agree.

Nevertheless, Sen. McCain was a military hero and a passionate and courageous legislator who ably represented his beloved state of Arizona, and sought legislative consensus in the pursuit of making our country and this world a better place.