UPMA’s “Legislative Priorities” represent the broad framework for our legislative activities and the issues that are of supreme importance to members of the United Postmasters and mangers of America. UPMA publishes a “Position Statement” that provides a detailed explanation of the issues that will challenge Postmasters and Postal Managers. This is a living document that will be updated as it is necessary going into the future.

It is important to recognize that Congressional posturing, new issues, and unanticipated national crisis can impact the status of items on our agenda. So, over the course of the year, the emphasis on a particular issue may change and, inevitably, other issues will emerge. For this reason, it is essential that Postmasters and Postal Managers monitor breaking news on the UPMA website, read the UPMA Leader on a regular basis, be attentive to timely communications from UPMA Headquarters, and keep in touch with your Chapter Legislative Chairs.

2022 UPMA Legislative Issues Brief

2022 Lobbying Report