Posted by Frank Augustosky on 09/11/18
The Postal Service has notified us of a delay in its implementation their July 20 pay decision concerning changes to pay policies, schedules and fringe benefit program for postmasters.

The reasons cited for the delay was the complexity of the changes required by the pay decision, as well as the Postal Service’s need to meet other fiscal year-end requirements. Implementation of the pay decision will be delayed as noted below.

Item 8.B regarding special exempt status foe EAS-20 Postmasters in delivery offices without a supervisor will be implemented on September 29, 2018. Any necessary retroactive pay adjustments from the effective date of September 1st and the implementation date of September 28th will be authorized.

The balance of the pay decision will be implemented prior to any fiscal year 2018 Pay-for-Performance payments. The effective dates found within the pay decision remain unchanged and any payment due employees will be retroactive if necessary once the pay decision is implemented.

Click here for letter of notification concerning pay decision delay from Post Service.