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USPS EAS Performing Craft Work

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 02/22/22

UPMA members dedicate themselves to completing the United States Postal Service mission. If the situation arises that mail will not get delivered any other way, UPMA members have stepped in many times. Unfortunately, over the last few years, our goodwill has now morphed into our managers expecting (and even demanding) EAS to perform craftwork on an almost daily basis. UPMA has addressed this with Postal HQ, and this is the official policy per Labor:

 “Non-bargaining unit employees may only be permitted to perform bargaining unit work in emergency situations (The exception is for level 18 post offices and Part-Time post offices where Postmasters can perform up to 15 hours of “clerk work”). Those emergency situations must be just that, an emergency.  The circumstance or circumstances must be unforeseen. If a facility, installation, or district is planning to schedule non-bargaining employee(s) to perform bargaining unit work, and since planning is not an unforeseen circumstance and not an emergency, it should be reported to District Labor Relations or Human Resources immediately and escalated.”

 This is official USPS policy; UPMA Chapter Presidents should cite it when challenging this across the country to district managers, labor relations, and HR, then escalate as necessary.

 Please copy your Area Coordinator and UPMA HQ on your use of this official postal policy to STOP the practice of utilizing EAS to deliver mail in violation of every postal craft contract.

USPS EAS performing craft work (PDF)

Thank you.

Edmund A Carley
National President
United Postmasters and Managers of America
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Alexandria, VA 22305
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