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February 4, 2022 Update from Edmund Carley, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 02/04/22


THINK BIG. BE BIG! Great work so far! UPMA signed up a record 246 new members in January. The team goals for February and March are to double that mark. Where can we help? Reach out to the Membership Team and ask.

National Chairman Katie Evertsen (435) 512-3700 Board Advisor Tony Leonardi (203) 376-9197

West Tania Cason (346) 315-8172 C Scott Christiansen (253) 355-5457

Central Jeff Arment (641) 751-9141 Jeff Jarrett (317) 340-9979

Southern Roy Schafer (404)357-9596 Darwin Adams (214) 621-0087

Atlantic Peter Urbani (203) 640-4909 Kathy Frame (484) 294-7440

2022 Superbowl Watch Party, Legislative Summit, and Celebration of President Mandy's Birthday:

Sunday, February 13, 2022   --- UPMA Superbowl Watch/Mandy's Birthday Party   -- all delegates invited!

Monday, February 14, 2022, General Business Session (in the hotel) will not start until 10 AM! It will include an invite-only luncheon. Other invitees so far are the PMG, the Deputy PMG, the PRC Chair, USPS VP, Government Relations. Monday evening will be free for Chapter Activities.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022, Visits with Representatives/Senators (in-person or virtually). UPMA has secured the Eisenhower Room at the Capitol Hill Club, 300 First Street SE, Washington, DC, for a 'huddle room" it is very spacious, and members/staffers can meet there too if chapters want to. Also, the GrayRobinson townhouse at 439 New Jersey Ave SE, Washington DC, will be available all day for meetings. UPMA Government Relations staff briefed Chapter Legislative Chairs on setting up appointments at these locations. Many offices on Capitol Hill are also accessible; each Chapter should liaise with the Congressional Office to see what best suits.

Wednesday, February 16, 2022, has no events planned; travel home day.

The House will be voting on Postal Reform on Wednesday or Thursday before the Summit, and that bill will be at the Senate by the weekend. Therefore concentrate on the Senate, make your appointments, and "Together We Can" finish this marathon!

White House, USPS begins shipping coronavirus test kits:

Forty-three sites began shipping up to 1 billion Covid test kits provided by the White House to the American people. The Postal Service will pack, label, induct them into the mail stream and deliver the on-demand kits. UPMA was briefed by USPS HQ recently. It is a huge undertaking and an essential one as we continue to battle the pandemic.

Chapter Conventions and other Meetings:

As of today, 39 Chapters have shared the details of their Annual Conventions with the National office. Gerri compiles these and posts them to Chapters need to set up these necessary meetings early and publicize them. Gerri is also available for assistance with hotel and meeting space/food and beverage contracts. Further, Chapters should consider 3-Digit type meetings for communication and potential recruiting purposes. Many Chapters have found these as effective as anything they do to reach members and grow the organization. Missing are AK-AZ-(HI)-NV-NM…...ND-WV…...(PR)…..DE-DC-MD-MA-RI


Sometimes delivery units have to delay mail, which is happening more and more in our current state. The Postal Service does not fire employees for delaying mail; the Postal Service does fire employees for not accurately reporting delayed mail. Be smart when you do it. Rotate routes that are not delivered. CSDRS will sunset soon; new reporting is route-specific.

NPA 2021:

In a letter dated January 20, the Postal Service has declined to adjust the FY2021 rating of four for the NPA. The 2.5 percent merit increase for all field non-bargaining unit employees will remain unchanged. UPMA is exploring our options and developing a response. The National Executive Board has empowered the National President to explore all avenues in appealing this decision.


UPMA recently met with Joseph Bruce, Manager, Corporate Personnel Management at Postal Headquarters, to initialize the "Hiring Team" process promised at our national convention. The meeting was well-received and productive. National UPMA has one more session with Mr. Bruce and his direct reports next week, and then we should have a schedule for the team to start meeting very soon after Legislative Summit.

Edmund A Carley
National President
United Postmasters and Managers of America