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December 23-24, 2021 Update from Edmund Carley, UPMA National President

Posted by Dan Heins on 12/23/21

Thursday, December 23rd, 2021

 I wanted to take some time today to thank you for your service. Thank you for what you do every day for your customers. Thank you for what you do every day for your employees. Thank you for being examples in your communities and your homes. I am always amazed by the hard work, dedication, and level of commitment UPMA members manifest on any given day. You are not ones to shirk your responsibilities or give less than all of yourselves in any situation. When the Postal Service asks you provide when your employees ask you give, and when UPMA has a need, it is always met with enthusiasm and vigor. I am proud to be your National President, not because it is a tremendous personal honor (although it is) but because you all are such an inspiration to me. You all managed to get through “A Peak Like No Other.” You served your communities, customers, and employees. You did what many people said could not be done. You delivered for the American people. Please take some time to congratulate yourselves. Take some time off, if you can. Thank your employees and colleagues. Thank your families for supporting you while long hours and stress took you away from them. Thank them from me.

 Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.


 No message next week, see you in 2022 “Together We can”…..