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December 3, 2021 Update from Edmund Carley, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 12/03/21

Friday, December 3rd, 2021

Hard to believe it is already December. I know that peak is challenging, but I also know that together we can master this season as we do every year. Take some time to reflect on what a fantastic job we all do during this season; you all should be proud of your efforts. I know I am proud of all of you.

Six to Nine Play and other Mandated Time Wasting Practices:

UPMA has been consistent in its messaging; Postmasters and Station Managers should be the "Head Coaches" in their offices. Local management should make all final decisions regarding retail and delivery with local situations in mind. Delivery supervisory personnel should be encouraged to decide how to implement "the play." It is terrific that USPS HQ has put enormous effort into developing procedures to make the delivery operation more efficient when followed. However, one size does not fit all. "Plays" should never be mandated to be run if it does not make sense in a unit, just because "they," said so. Good Head Coaches know that Quarterbacks call "audibles" all the time. Having said that, UPMA is grateful that CRDO Dr. Josh Colin has been so responsive to individual unit concerns in this regard. For instance, the 6-9 play is specific to level 21 and above offices which are primarily city delivery. If you are getting a different message, don't hesitate to contact UPMA.

UPMA National Membership Academy:

Chapter Presidents, I know it's peak season, but please send your information for this critical early January meeting. Here is the link for registration You can mail it or scan the sheet and email it to Gerri, or you can fax it:  703-683-0923. The registration deadline is December 20th, 2021.

UPMA Super Bowl Watch Party and Legislative Summit 2022:

Again, it is never too soon to organize National UPMA events. Here is the link for registration

Chapter Meetings:

Your National Executive Board is committed to fully supporting all Chapter events, but we have to know they are happening. The Southern Area Conference is already set, and this week we saw the addition of the Central Area Officer Seminar slated for March in Milwaukee, WI. Chapter President and Area Coordinators must communicate Chapter Conventions, Area meetings, and even more minor 3-Digit meeting details to the national office to support the event. National UPMA encourages you to get together and book these meetings and let's reach out to our membership and engage them in chapter activities.

NPA 21:

There is no movement here, still waiting to see when the final NPA rating will post. UPMA must now assume that the final rating will be a cell four, which leads to a 2.5% raise for all EAS. As I stated last week, UPMA is grateful that all EAS will receive a pay increase this year, but conditions outside our control adversely affected many of the results. The reorganization necessitated a National NPA rating, also entirely out of the power of EAS employees. Last year the service instituted National level mitigation applied to all ratings.  As the Postmaster organization, we intimately know the mitigation process. If the Postal Service does not do this for FY 21, UPMA must explore options.

NPA 22:

Personal frustrations aside, there has been no progress here. The inability of the Postal Service to get finalized NPA goals to the field promptly is beginning to erode what little confidence we had in the process.

Have a successful week. "Together We Can."