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November 26, 2021 Update from Edmund Carley, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 11/27/21

Friday, November 26th, 2021

Six to Nine Play and other Mandated Time Wasting Practices:

When it rolled out, the effort to have 15% of packages delivered before 9 AM was intended for level 21 and above offices. In discussions with the CRDO, Dr. Josh Colin, UPMA, explained that this would be next to impossible without the right employee mix in some offices with strict application of the "No early starts" mandate. Some districts made some movement with that. Now UPMA has learned that some districts are disciplining managers for failing to deliver 15% of packages before 9 AM in all levels of office. I spoke directly with Dr. Josh and he stated that this was not the intention of the “play”, I gave him specifics and he said he would follow up. UPMA Postmasters and Managers have to be able to run their operations and make sound decisions sometimes in spite of Districts and Areas. UPMA will alwaus stand with you in this kind of situation; do not be bullied into making bad decisions.

UPMA National Membership Academy:

Here is the link for registration You can mail it or scan the sheet and email it to Gerri, or you can fax it:  703-683-0923. The registration deadline is December 20th, 2021.

UPMA Super Bowl Watch Party and Legislative Summit 2022:

Here is the link for registration

NPA 21:

Although messaging differ, the NPA program still does not show a final FY21 number. Some communications have delivered a final national rating of 4, which leads to a 2.5% raise for all EAS. While UPMA is grateful that all EAS will receive a pay increase this year, the general feeling is that many of the results were adversely affected by conditions outside our control. Further, the reorganization necessitated a National NPA rating. Again, this was entirely out of the power of EAS employees. So, what is the recourse? In a typical year, an Installation Head could file for mitigation in such conditions. Last year there was National level mitigation applied to all ratings. The Postal Service should feel the need to do this for FY 21 unilaterally, but there are no formal discussions so far.

NPA 22:

Glacial progress

Although well-intended, I do not believe the Postal Service can get finalized NPA goals to the field promptly. I continue to poke and prod this situation along to little avail; again, stay tuned.


Have a great week. Have a successful Peak. "Together We Can."