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November 12, 2021 Update from Edmund Carley, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 11/12/21

Friday 11/12/2021

UPMA National Executive Board meets:

November 9th and 10th saw a good, productive UPMA National Executive Board Meeting. We resolved to put our resources to work to invest in our people. We approved an aggressive budget and planned a serious recruiting, engaging, and development effort to bring in new members to UPMA. Further, we intend to strengthen the structure of UPMA and solidify the power of the Chapters that we have. More academies will be coming (like the CMR academies the past few years) and genuine investment in our future. Would you please look at encouraging your Chapter Leadership to do the same at the local level? UPMA is the premier Leadership Organization with the Postal Service; we have an incredible opportunity to influence our membership positively.

NPA FY 22:

The USPS Board of Governors approved FY22 NPA indicators, including having the Functional Effectiveness indicator group. The actual indicators themselves are determined during consultation. NPA scorecards were not in place to support it last year due to the restructuring. The Retail and Delivery indicators are still being debated. UPMA is consulting with USPS HQ currently on these.

Pay talks update:

Pay talks this year guaranteed to apply a 2.0% increase to the top of Postmasters pay scales and that same dollar amount to the bottom of the scale. UPMA has just been informed that the service is exploring a higher percentage to more closely match the executive order raise for the rest of the federal government. This new dollar amount would still be applied to each scale's low end, including the new low end of a level 20 Postmaster scale raised by the pay talks decision already. All these will be in effect on January 1, 2022, before any FY 21 NPA payouts are applied.


Speaking of FY 21 NPA, preliminary numbers have the National Scorecard set at garnering a 2.5% raise for all EAS. This is disappointing as most projections had been for a 3%. It is unclear how a mitigation process would even work under the current scenario with everything that happened last fiscal year. Rest assured that UPMA is closely monitoring the final FY 21 NPA number, and we will respond accordingly as and when the time comes.

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