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August 20, 2021 Update from Dan Heins, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 08/20/21

Friday Message – August 20, 2021

National Convention 2021 – A huge thank you to everyone that attended our 5th Annual UPMA National Convention in Sandusky, Ohio.   We ended up with a total attendance of just over 900 people and I believe almost everyone had a great time.    We were fortunate enough to hear from the Postmaster General, the Deputy Postmaster General, the Labor Relations Manager from the Central Area, the Vice President of Retail and Post Office Operations and the Chief Postal Inspector.     All of those in attendance received what was for most of us some new and interesting information and gained a better understanding of where we are at with the restructuring and where we are headed.   In addition to those individuals that addressed us in the general sessions we had a wide range of individuals from the Headquarters level, including the Chief Commerce and Business Solutions Officer, who conducted workshops for us.     The Ohio Chapter went over and above to make everyone feel welcome and to “roll out the red carpet” for everyone that attended.    On behalf of all of us I want to give them a very hearty THANK YOU!!!    It was very much appreciated.    In 2022, our National Convention will be in St. Louis, Missouri and the body voted to go to Denver, Colorado in 2023.    I also want to congratulate the newly elected officers who take over on November 1, 2021: Edmund Carley, National President; National Vice Presidents, from the East – Jeff Lightner; from the North – Mari Beth Kirkland; from the South – Greg Nors; and from the West – Katie Evertsen.    Also, congratulations to the newly elected officers of the UPMA Retired organization, Mandy Heslip-Whitten, President and Charley Peters, Vice-President.

District Integration Team – I know that there have been a number of questions regarding what the new positions are that will be supporting the District Manager.   There are four new positions that are in the process of being filled.

The Manager, Operations Integration is a level 25 position and will play the Chief of Staff role. Handle administrative issues for the DM, works across Headquarters and District functional groups and coordinates integration support staff. 

The Workforce Operations Planning position, which is a level 23, will work directly with Human Resources staff to support first requests and remove roadblocks but does not perform hiring tasks, works with the MPOOs to address hiring/staffing deficiencies, and develops EAS competency and establishes talent pool for succession planning.  

The Retail and Delivery Project Manager, which is an EAS 21 position, will review NPA and identify project assignments, assist the DM with projects assigned by the Area Vice President and Headquarters, ensures timely completion and compliance of active projects, and will assess the District Lean Six Sigma health and promote belt advancement.  

The Integrated Operations Planning Specialist, also a level 21 position, will work directly with the MIPS/IN-Plant/Logistics teams, works to identify, and correct mail flow and logistics issues (MAQ/PAQ), works with AMS /IN-Plant delivery units to increase DPS percentage, and will work on 24-hour clock service improvement.  

The purpose of these positions is to take administrative duties away from the District Manager (as much as possible) so that they can concentrate solely on execution of our mission to serve customers.   Not all of these positions have been filled in all of the districts across the country and I am sure each of the District Managers will make sure that they roll out the information on who we contact when we have questions, or issues, that need to be resolved.    At the convention, we were assured by many of our speakers that we will all have a clearer understanding of reporting structures and process to resolve issues as we move forward.   For now, your manager is the person you should first go to with questions about the operation you are the Postmaster, Manager, or Supervisor in.

NPA and PFP – This continues to be a work in progress as it relates to PFP, and we should know something more definitive when we receive the Pay Package next week.    I will let you know as more information becomes available.

Limited Job Posting – In addition to the supervisory positions that have already been posted, I was informed this week that the field will be allowed to post a number of other positions on August 31 for a period of 7 days.   These positions include EAS 24 & 26 Postmaster positions, EAS 23 and 25 MPOO positions and All EAS plant manager positions.    In addition, certain parts of the country will be allowed to post all EAS positions in locations with significant EAS vacancies including cities like Chicago, Baltimore, and New York City.   Once again, make sure that your HERO profile is up to date and that you are prepared to apply when these opportunities for advancement open up.

As always, take care, stay safe, and follow the guidelines as presented by the CDC and the Postal Service.    


Have a good week!

Dan Heins,
UPMA National President