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July 30, 2021 Update from Dan Heins, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 07/30/21

Friday Message – July 30, 2021

PAC Table – If you will be attending the National Convention in Sandusky this year and you would be willing to spend some time helping to staff the PAC table that would be very much appreciated.   Jim Dunlap our National PAC chair will be coordinating the staffing at the table, so please reach out to him at 970-988-9614 to find out what times he has available, or you can email him to request the schedule.   Jim’s email address is:    Thank you in advance for stepping up.

Business Cards – If you are an active member of UPMA and you will be attending the National Convention, the First Timers Committee is asking that you bring about 60-75 of your business cards with you (they can be UPMA cards, or USPS cards) to be distributed to those first timers that are attending the convention in Sandusky.   The committee’s plan is to have you and the first timers connect to meet each other so they can gather a set of business cards with your name, address, and any subjects you may have an expertise in on them so that when the first timers have a question on a specific issue they can reach our to you for assistance.   Thank you in advance for your cooperation and assistance in this project.

NPA and PFP – As of today I am still waiting for the final word from Postal Service Headquarters regarding the National Performance Assessment (NPA) and Pay for Performance (PFP) processes for this current fiscal year.   I realize we are now through almost ten months of the Fiscal Year with no real shared goals up to this point.   Since the process has not been finalized, I am not at liberty to say exactly what it will look like because I do not know for certain.   As soon as I do I will make sure that information is shared with you.    Please be assured it is not for lack of trying on this issue; however, there have been other issues that have been consuming people’s time at the Headquarters level.

National Convention – This year for the first time we will be offering a one-day registration option for the convention.   If there is one of the days that you are in a proximity to Sandusky that you can attend, please join us.   You are able to register onsite in the Convention Center and the cost for the one-day registration is just $75.00.     On Sunday we will have officer training and the Welcome Dinner and entertainment.  On Monday we have the opening, the Postmaster General will speak, we will have Postal Area Coordinator meetings and then training in the afternoon and states night with a comedian and a live ensemble playing in the evening.  On Tuesday we have the reading of the proposed changes to the Articles of Incorporation and the National Bylaws and then it is a free day after about 10 AM.   On Wednesday we will have some UPMA business to conduct, Shayne Hensley from the Central Area will speak.   In the afternoon on Wednesday in addition to the UPMA Retired luncheon, we have training sessions that will be offered at two different times that afternoon.   In the evening we will have a wine tasting event available, as well as a dance that is open to all, but sponsored by the UPMA Retired organization.   On Thursday we will have Elvin Mercado, the new Vice President of Retail and Post Office Operations, along with Chief Postal Inspector Gary Barksdale address the convention.   On Thursday morning we will also have the acceptance of our National President Elect.   On Thursday evening we will have our Grand Banquet.    If you are thinking about attending the convention and this would be your first National Convention there is a special registration rate of $95.00 and after you have attended the convention and submitted the necessary form for reimbursement, you will receive a check for the $95.00.   If you have ANY questions about the convention, please reach out to us at the National Office and we will do our best to get you an answer.

Mandatory Vaccinations – We have had a number of inquiries as to whether, or not, the president may make it mandatory that all Federal employees get vaccinated for COVID-19.   As of yet there has been no blanket mandate given and if there is one in the future, Postal Service Headquarters will be the ones that will decide if it applies to Postal Service employees, or not.    If I hear anything, I will let you know.

Face Masks – Many locations are issuing new guidelines as it pertains to the wearing of masks.   Please make sure that you and your employees are following the guidelines as set by the Postal Service, as well as in your local communities as it pertains to the carriers out delivering and entering businesses and apartment buildings, etc.     

As always, take care, stay safe, and follow the guidelines as presented by the CDC and the Postal Service.    


Have a good week!

Dan Heins,
UPMA National President