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July 2, 2021 Update from Dan Heins, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 07/02/21

Friday Message – July 2, 2021

Postal Service Changes – The first round of job placements is moving forward.   There are several selections that have been made; however, with as many positions that were posted and the number of individuals that have applied for those positions, it is just going to take some time to get all the selections made.    For most of these positions they will either have an effective date of July 3rd, or July 17th.   As UPMA members I would hope and pray that when you get someone in a Postmaster, Manager, or Supervisor position either in your office, or in an office near you, that you would reach out to them to offer any assistance they might need to settle into their new position.    It is important that we do everything we can to make sure these individuals feel welcome and that we do everything we can to make the team that works in our office, or our area, as strong as possible.    For most of us we can remember a time that someone reached out to assist us and how much we appreciated that.    Let us please return the favor.

Hiring Issues – As I have been traveling around the country, I have heard about incidents involving offices that have been trying to hire CCA’s, RCA’s and PSE’s for extended periods of time only to hit a roadblock, or many feel there are communication issues that need to be addressed.    With that said, I would like to ask that if you have a specific hiring issue that you have had in your office that you would share that information with us here at the National Office.   The information we will need includes: the name of the office, the hiring worksheet number, what the specific issue was that prevented, or slowed down the process of getting someone on board.   I have been discussing this issue with Headquarters on an ongoing basis; however, it is much easier for the people in hiring to research and find out where the bottleneck might be if we have specific cases to discuss.    If you could share those within the next couple of weeks that would be very helpful.

National Convention – Just a reminder that the national convention is coming up next month and we look forward to seeing as many of you as possible in attendance.  If you have not registered yet, you can do so online (unless you are a first timer registering at the special rate then that must be done via hard copy).  Speaking of first timers, the committee that I have put together to work with the first timers is looking at doing some new things to make sure that as a first timer they have a very good experience at the convention.    Next week we will have more details on some ways that you can get involved and assist the committee in making sure everyone has a great time!

Star Chapter Award (deadline extended) – Again this year we are going to be recognizing the Chapters that earn the Star Chapter Award at the National Convention in Ohio.   Chapter officers are advised to make sure that you submit your application to the National Office by July 12th to be recognized.    The components of the award are available on our national website.  There is no “application” form, as such, you can just do a narrative about your chapter’s accomplishments as it relates to the five points of the star: Membership, Chapter Recognition, Legislative/PAC Activity, Communication/Training, and Chapter Administration.    Extra credit will be given if your chapter has an Auxiliary group.

Stop and Give Thanks (and celebrate too!)– This weekend and into next Monday we will be celebrating our nation’s Independence Day.    While the Fourth of July may have different meanings to many of us in this country and we may have varying ways that we celebrate, the one thing that we all enjoy are the freedoms and privileges that we can enjoy as citizens of this United States of America.    I encourage all of you to make sure that you take some time to reflect on all that we have in the United States and to spend time with family and friends to enjoy the holiday.   

As always, take care, stay safe, and follow the guidelines as presented by the CDC and the Postal Service.    


Have a good week!

Dan Heins,
UPMA National President