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April 23, 2021 Update from Dan Heins, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 04/23/21

Friday Message – April 23, 2021

HERO Profile – While I do not have a definite date, it is my belief that sometime within the next four to eight weeks we are going to see more and more positions posted by the Postal Service.   So, I would suggest that to get ready for those postings to happen that each and everyone of you that may be looking for a new or different position would make sure your HERO profile is updated and made as current as possible.    Even if you are thinking I am not going to bid on anything, maybe when all of this starts to shake out you may see the perfect job for you and as we know we need to be ready.   If you are someone that is affected by the restructuring, keep in mind that there may be limited postings becoming available just for those whose jobs have been eliminated, or consolidated.   In that case, those postings may only be up for three or four days, so it is essential that you are ready to go when that posting goes up.   There are some excellent resources available online to help you in the development of your profile.    No one can sell you like you can sell yourself!

Confidentiality – As we continue down the path of the Coronavirus and the effects that it has on us and on the people that we know, I just want to remind all of you to make sure that you are not sharing information you are not authorized to share.   As we all know HIPPA rules and regulations very much govern what we can and cannot share.    However, there are times that we without even thinking may put someone’s name out in a text message, or email, to encourage prayer, or other support for that individual and they may not be comfortable having that information shared.    Whatever the circumstances are, I would encourage you to make sure you have checked with the individual before you publicize the information.    I know that Linda Carter is very careful in making sure she has permission before she puts anything in the UPMA Gold electronic newsletter and we all need to make sure we are doing the same in our personal, or chapter related correspondence channels.

National Convention – If you have not already done so, I would encourage you to get your registration in for the National Convention that will take place from August 14-20, 2021 at the Kalahari Resorts and Conferences Center in Sandusky, Ohio.    The committee is working hard to make sure we have a great convention and that you will enjoy the opportunity that the convention gives to allow you to see some long time friends and to hopefully make some new friends in Ohio.   For more information on the convention and to find the registration form go to our website,    This year for first time attendees at a national convention we are offering a $95.00 registration fee and that will be refunded to you after the convention when you submit the necessary paperwork to us here at the National Office.  Also, for the first time ever, we are offering a one-day registration if you wish to attend on a particular day and you are within driving distance of Sandusky.   If you sign up before June 15, the one day registration fee will be $65.00, if you sign up after that date and onsite at Kalahari the cost will be $75.    To sign up for the first time registration, or the one day registration, you need to submit a hard copy with the payment information (check, or credit card) directly to us here at the National Office.    For everyone else, the registration fee of $195.00 has been extended to June 15th and you can register online from the website if you so choose.    Also, if you are going to be attending the National Convention, make sure you get your room reservations made at Kalahari.   The number to call to make reservations is 1-877-525-2427.   The cost of the room is $164 per night and that includes four water park wrist bands per room.   Bring your children and grandchildren so they can enjoy the fun, as well.

Pay Consultations – Yesterday I received the proposed pay compensation package from Postal Service Headquarters.   The committee will review that proposal and then early next week we will submit the proposals that we want to have considered to determine if we can reach an agreement.   Our goal is to make sure that reach an agreement before the end of July, if at all possible.    Once the package is finalized and released, we will make sure that we share the information with all of you regarding the consultations and what was covered.

As always, stay safe, stay healthy and practice the CDC recommended guidelines.

Have a good week!

Dan Heins
UPMA National President