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January 29, 2021 Update from Dan Heins, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 01/29/21

Friday Message January 29, 2021

We have had some inquiries at the National Office about the COVID 19 vaccine and when it will be available to Postal employees.    The Human Resources team at Postal Service Headquarters has been working with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) about this very issue.  In most states they have designated Postal Service employees as essential workers and you should be included in the Phase 1b rollout in your areas.   If you are in a part of the country where this has not happened, you may want to contact your county health department because it is my understanding that the counties are the ones that actually control who gets the vaccine and when.   Unfortunately, there seems to continue to be vaccine shortages in many parts of the country and that rollout seems to have slowed down tremendously.    The best advice I can give you is that if you want to receive the vaccine and it becomes available in your area, go ahead, and take advantage of that and receive the vaccine.   Postal Service Headquarters personnel continue to work on options for the vaccine.

Earlier this week I had a meeting with representatives from USPS Headquarters and we are getting closer to having the NPA and PFP matrix information released to the field.   There are some changes that will be coming and when I get a firm date for release and the ability to share the information, I will do that.   I know that it is frustrating to be this far into the year and not know what the goals are, but I am told that with everything else going on that this was the best that they could do.    Hopefully within in the next couple of weeks the information will be shared with everyone.

Starting in February, we will be offering some informational/training sessions via WebEx with our partner FedPoint.   The sessions will last approximately one hour and will be offered on two different nights and times each month.   The dates for the sessions in February will be Thursday, February 11th at 7:30 PM Eastern Time and Thursday, February 18th at 9:00 PM Eastern Time.   Our goal is to make these sessions available to members and non-members alike so they can get the information they need, learn something about UPMA and what has to offer FedPoint does, as well.   The theme for the February sessions is: “How do I ensure that the level of my Post Office is correct?  Getting to know the PS From 150”.   If you wish to participate, the call-in information is as follows:

Title:  How Do I Ensure That the Level of My Post Office is Correct?  “Getting to Know the PS from 150”

Date: Thursday, February 11, 2021

Time: 7:30 PM – 8:30 PM – EST

Hosted by UPMA and FedPoint

Event address for attendees:

 If you have any questions, please direct them my way and I will be happy to do my best to answer them.    Our goal with these sessions is, as I said, to share information and be an outreach tool to encourage membership and participation in UPMA and all that we have to offer.

With COVID cases continue to rise, I once again encourage all of you to practice the safe social distancing and wear masks whenever you are around people, always wash your hands (or use hand sanitizer if washing is not available and do your daily cleanings in your offices to provide the safest work environment possible for you and your co-workers.

Thank you,

Dan Heins
UPMA National President