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January 8, 2021 Update from Dan Heins, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 01/08/21

Friday Message – January 8, 2021

With the changes that were adopted to both the Articles of Incorporation and the National Bylaws at last year’s National Convention in St. Louis, the deadline for submission of proposed changes to those two documents is now February 1.    Any proposed changes that you wish to have considered for this year’s convention in Ohio should be submitted to us here at the National Office by that date.   They can either be submitted electronically, or via hard copy, but they need to be in the office here by the deadline.    If you are submitting propose changes the Guidelines that are used by the Articles and Bylaws Committee and the suggested format for submission are included on our website at UPMA National Policies and Procedures (   You will need to use your member number and the first two letters of your last name to access the national policy section of the website.   Once you are there look for “UPMA Article and Bylaw Committee Guidelines” and that will give you all the information you need.    At this time we are planning to have a meeting to discuss the proposed changes on Sunday evening, February 21 before the start of the Legislative Summit.    More details on that meeting will be shared as we get closer to the date.

As far Legislative Summit is concerned, we are still working on the logistics and what, if any, additional training we might have connected with Summit.    I plan to have those details worked out before January 19th so they can be shared as you make your plans to attend the Summit.   At this time we are asking that you submit your registrations for the Summit via hard copy and you can make your hotel reservations by calling the Hyatt Regency Crystal City directly at 800-233-1234 and ask for Group Code PST1.   The rate that has been agreed to with the hotel is $174.00.   If you have any questions, please contact us at the National Office and we answer your questions for you.  NOTE: The registration form was included in the last copy of the UPMA Leader magazine and is also available on our website,

With the new year I wanted to make sure you are all aware of some of the changes that have been put in place regarding membership.   As I am sure you are all aware when the changes to bylaws were adopted at the national convention last year we went to a flat rate dues structure for the membership.   So, if you are a Part-time Postmaster your dues are $8.50 per pay period; for all other EAS employees your dues are now $15.00 per pay period.   In addition, the National Executive Board voted to offer six-months free membership to new EAS members that join the organization.    This is what was in place until last year; however, it was discovered at that time that we were in violation of the National Bylaws.    Again, with the changes that were adopted at the National Convention in St. Louis it gives the National Executive Board the authorization to offer dues incentives from time to time and that is why this change was adopted.   Both of these changes should serve us well as we move forward in recruiting new members to the organization.    All the information regarding these changes and all the information you will need in recruiting new members is on our national website under the Membership tab.    The electronic 1187 is also available on the website so an individual, or you as the person that recruited them, can go online, and fill out the form and have their membership activated that much more quickly.    If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at the National Office.

In the previous paragraph I mentioned that last year we changed our membership policy and instead of offering six months free, the policy was implemented that we would collect the dues and then after the individual was a member for one year, they would receive a refund check for one half of the dues they paid.    If you are one of those individuals, or you know someone that is, we will begin sending those checks out at the end of each month, so watch for that.    Our membership director, Frank Augustosky, has been doing an excellent job with all things membership and he has been meticulously tracking these individuals so that we know exactly when the check should be sent out and how much each person should be receiving.

Yesterday when I had to opportunity to meet with the Postmaster General, I asked him about the COVID vaccine program and where that process is at.    He stated that USPS Headquarters is working with the CDC and state and local governments to get more clarification on when and how these vaccines will be made available to USPS employees as essential workers.   I know you received a stand-up talk on this yesterday and I can assure that as more information becomes available, it will be shared.  

Over the past few months, we have been hearing about a possible restructuring of the Districts within the Postal Service, and while there have not been any final decisions made on this, it is being working on and I expect that there will be information forthcoming in the near future.   Once the final decision is made we will then be given the timeline for how that implementation will roll out and what the changes will indeed look like.   

As the COVID pandemic continues, please remember to always wear your masks, wash your hands (or use hand sanitizer) and practice social distancing.

Take care,

Dan Heins
UPMA National President