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NPA Update from Dan Heins, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 11/16/20

Friday Message November 13, 2020 – Monday, November 16th addendum

Today a letter was signed by Isaac Cronkhite at Postal Service Headquarters regarding the final NPA numbers for Fiscal Year 2020.   Back in September I had requested that the Postal Service take a good hard look at the National Performance Assessment (NPA) numbers for Fiscal Year 2020 and consider making some adjustments to compensate you for the effects that the pandemic and other natural disasters have had on your operations this past year.   So, taking those effects of COVID and some other factors into consideration, the Postal Service has done a system wide mitigation of a number of the factors that have an effect on your scorecard and adjusted a number of those factors.  The new scorecards have been posted as of this afternoon.   With that in mind, for many of you these changes will have a positive effect on your final rating number.   However, it should be noted that no one’s score will drop lower than the number that was originally announced in September.   With these changes as outlined in the letter from Isaac, there will be limitations placed on what particular factors you will be able to mitigate for this past year because the COVID factors will, in the eyes of the Postal Service, already have been mitigated and addressed.    For those of you that have other, non-COVID related issues that you wish to mitigate, the mitigation period will open this coming Tuesday, November 17th and conclude on Sunday, November 22, 2020.    Please be sure to watch your Postal email and the PFP system for the official opening of the mitigation process and make sure that you strictly adhere to the guidelines as to when the process closes.    Currently there are no plans to make any adjustments in these published dates and I do not anticipate that they will change due to the timelines that are in place to make sure that salary increases that go into effect in early January can be put in place by the IT Team in Eagan.    On behalf of our membership, I want to thank the Postal Service for honoring a portion of my request and making these adjustments recognizing the dedication and hard work of the EAS employees in the Postal Service.

Once we get all the factors and changes for Fiscal Year 2020 in place, I will continue my discussions with Headquarters on some possible changes for Fiscal Year 2021.   Since there are currently many items that are on the table at this time, I am not at liberty to discuss what those changes might, or might not be.   As I know more I, along with the Postal Service, will communicate that information to you.    It is imperative that the organization continue to recognize the contributions that the leaders in the Postal Service bring to the table every day and take that into account when they look at the compensation levels going forward.    I know that there have also been questions posed to me regarding whether, or not, there will be adjustments made to the tops and bottoms of the pay bands for each EAS level.   At this time we are also in discussions regarding this subject and I should know more by early to mid-December at the latest on this issue.

Dan Heins, National President, UPMA