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Updated - United States Postal Service Initiates Restructuring Plan

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 08/10/20

On Friday, August 7, 2020, the United States Postal Service unveiled a new restructuring plan that will have a significant impact on how the Postal Service operates and conducts its business.    

We must understand that this plan is just being implemented and how all of the provisions of the new reporting structures for a number of the individuals at the Area and Headquarters level has not been fully defined, we know that things will be different.    As changes are further implemented and we receive that information here at the UPMA National Office we will share that information via this website and through other communication methods that we have in place.   There is a lot of information available from various sources and there are a lot of interpretations on how this will finally be implemented and what impact it may have on our members.    At this time from the information I have been given, as I stated earlier, it appears the impacts will only involve employees at the Headquarters and Area levels, but there should be no real impacts to those of you serving in customer service, or in the day to day plant operations at this time.     The information that was put out by the Postal Service states there will be a future review of the operations at the District level to determine if that structure will remain the same or may be modified in some way.  

In the Organizational Restructure letter that was put out by Chief Human Resources Officer and Executive Vice President, Isaac Cronkhite on August 7th states, “to prepare for these future changes we will immediately implement an EAS and executive hiring freeze and will be requesting Voluntary Early Retirement (VER) Authority from the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) for non-bargaining employees.”    This does not mean that there is going to be a VER offered to all non-bargaining employees.   What that means is that before the USPS can offer a VER to any employees that it needs to be approved and authorized by OPM, it does not mean that one will be offered.   The other thing to keep in mind with a VER is that it can be offered to very select groups of employees, or it can be offered on a wider scale depending on their needs as determined by the Postal Service.   

Yes, we are going into uncharted waters as far as the reporting structure of the Postal Service is concerned and I am certain that this plan will be modified as we go along and there may well be some tweaks from time to time.    As I stated earlier, as we have information available, we will be sharing that with our membership.

USPS Organization Redesign (PDF)

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Thank you,

Dan Heins
UPMA National President