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June 24, 2020 transcript of From The Presidents Desk

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 06/24/20

Greetings everyone!

Welcome to the June edition of “From the President’s Desk”

Last month I talked about the fact that your executive board was looking at some options regarding the 2020 National Convention that was scheduled to take place in St. Louis beginning on August 1st.   After looking at the different options before us and taking into account where the country is at with reopening and the challenges that that may, or may not, place on individuals ability, or desire, to travel we have made a decision to postpone the convention until a later date.   At the present time the dates for the postponed convention have not been set.    We are currently looking at the very end of October; however, a decision on the exact dates will not be made until we get later into the summer and see what restrictions may be in place in St. Louis and the country as the time approaches.   The decision to move ahead was not an easy one; however, the board felt that in order for us to move forward as an organization and to fulfill the requirements set forth in our bylaws it was important that we make every attempt to have a convention this year.    The number of people that may be able to attend the convention may be limited due to restrictions regarding social distancing and other guidelines, but we will make those decisions as we move closer to setting the dates.   The convention will be held at the Marriott Grand Hotel in St. Louis.

For those of you that had registered for the convention this year your registration has been moved forward for the National Convention 2021 in Sandusky, Ohio.   However, the executive board made the decision that anyone requesting a refund, instead of being registered for 2021, we will honor those requests.   To take advantage of that offer you need to send a letter to the national office at 8 Herbert St. in Alexandria, VA 22305; or send an email requesting the refund to Gerri Swarm at the national office.   Gerri’s email address is  Thank you all for your understanding as we move through this process.    By now, if you had a room reserved in our room block at the Marriott you should have received a notification that your reservation has been cancelled.   

Our new Postmaster General, Mr. Louis Dejoy, has been sworn into office and officially took over the top Postmaster position in the United States Postal Service (USPS) on June 15th.     In the conversation that I had with Mr. Dejoy and with hearing from members of his staff at USPS Headquarters he is taking his time to look at all aspects of the operations of the Postal Service to give consideration as he looks at what needs to be done now and into the future to keep us the most trusted governmental, or private enterprise in the United States.    Mr. Dejoy comes with a lot of business experience and has run large companies in the past, but we all know that the Postal Service is probably very different than any organization he has been involved with prior to this.   As always, UPMA stands ready to work with the new PMG to consider changes and on your behalf I will continue to represent the interests of the Postmasters, Managers and Supervisors who are the leaders in every facet of the operation of this great organization.    We must continue to look for ways to preserve the universal service obligation and to make sure that we are serving every residence and business in this country with the same level of service that the customers have a right to expect.

In addition to the new Postmaster General, the Senate has also approved the appointment of two new members of the Postal Service Board of Governors.   On June 19th, the Senate unanimously approved the appointments of Lee Moak and William Zollars to serve on the Board.   Their terms of office will expire on December 22, 2022.    The appointment of these two individuals once again gives the Board a quorum so they can conduct the business that they need to in leading the Postal Service into the future.    I do want to note that we thank Board of Governors vice-chairman, David Williams for his service on the board.   Mr. Williams, the former OIG for the Postal Service stepped down from his position on April 30th.   

Obviously, COVID-19 and the pandemic continue to dominate the headlines and is having an effect on the everyday lives of each and every one of us.    As we move forward with the reopening of the country, make sure that you are taking the necessary precautions and also giving the leadership necessary to your employees every day to keep every one of you and your customers, as well.

Thank you for your time this month and I look forward to addressing you again next month! 

Take care and stay safe and healthy whenever possible.

Daniel Heins
UPMA National President