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May 1, 2020 Update from Dan Heins, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 05/01/20

May 1. 2020

Greetings fellow UPMA Members:

Happy May Day everyone!

For those of you in the field it may not seem like it, but to me it seems that the weeks sometimes just fly by.   As I said in my From the President’s Desk message earlier this week, I cannot thank you enough for all that you are doing out in the field every day.    The challenges you are facing with the staffing shortages either due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, or just the staffing shortages that have been an ongoing issue you are stepping up to the plate and getting the job done.  

From what I have been hearing on the telecoms this week there does not appear that there will be any let up in the number of packages for the time being.   Also, there is the belief that the volume may well increase over this next week with Mother’s Day coming up a week from Sunday.    As I always say, if you are struggling with getting the mail delivered be sure that you are communicating that information to your boss!     If you cannot get all the mail delivered due to employee availability, or whatever the reason may be, you just need to report it.   I know that as a Postmaster, or Manager, it is always your goal to make sure that every piece gets delivered every day and when that is possible that is fantastic, but when it is not, then you need to let someone know that.

If you have an employee that goes out because they have tested positive for the Coronavirus, be sure that if they contact you that they are ready to return to work that you are following the proper procedures to make sure that they are cleared to return.   They need to either be cleared by the Occupational Health Nurse, or by a Postal physician.    That is not a call that any of our Postmasters, Managers or Supervisors can be making.    Also, we are reminded all the time about the confidentiality issues as it relates to those that are out for whatever reason.   Make sure that you are not the one sharing information that should not be shared.    There are strict confidentiality guidelines where that is concerned and you must make sure you are adhering to those guidelines.

Within the next few days you should be receiving new information from the Postal Service regarding the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on the issue of mask usage within the facilities and outside of the facilities.    There have been several questions raised regarding employee requirements and how to handle the issue of customers entering our lobbies, especially in the states and localities where mask use is mandated.    It is my hope that this updated information will clear up those questions.    As of yesterday, I was aware that it was still being looked at for accuracy at the Headquarters level; however, it should be released shortly.

With some of our states changing their regulations regarding what businesses can be open and the size of groups getting together that opens up some opportunities for our chapter leadership in those chapters that had to cancel their April and May conventions to be able to consider new dates either in June, or July.    When you have made those determinations, please be sure to share that information with me and with Gerri so we can make sure we have accurate information on the website and in the Leader when it comes out.  

Legislatively there is still work being done on Capitol Hill regarding the next COVID relief bill.   As I mentioned last week, feel free to make contacts with your individual Representatives and Senators to ask them to support the USPS in the upcoming bill when it is introduced and encourage them, if they are a big supporter of UPMA and the Postal Service, to reach out to the leadership and let them know they are on board.  If you need to find out who your representative is, here is a link that can get you to the proper website:

As the pandemic continues, I pray that you, your families and your employees are all staying safe during this most critical time.    As always, I urge you to stay safe, use the safe practices that I hope by now have become a part of your everyday life to protect yourself and others.


Dan Heins
National President