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Commentary about April 14, 2020 Administration's daily briefing from Steve LeNoir, SC Chapter President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 04/15/20

“I don’t watch it every day but last night (Tuesday, April 14th) I watched the Administration’s daily briefing. Around 6:30 PM the President spent around 5 minutes thanking businesses and corporations. He read from a prepared list that included drug companies like Abbott Labs, food processors like Smithfield, and Grocery chains like Walmart.   He then singled out the delivery business. He mentions 2 companies. He thanked FedEx and its great CEO Fred Smith. He then thanked UPS. He moved on to other businesses including NFL commissioner Roger Goodell and WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.  As we all know the Postal Service is by far the world’s largest delivery company delivering 40% of the worlds mail. To thank FedEx and UPS and ignore the Postal Service is demoralizing to our 500,000 employees that put their lives on the line every day.   It is disappointing that it appears as if the Postal Service is not being supported at the highest level in Government.”

Steve LeNoir
SC Chapter President 
United Postmasters and Managers of America