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March 27, 2020 Message from Dan Heins, UPMA National President

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 03/27/20

Greetings fellow UPMA Members:

As we reach the end of another week let me begin by saying my prayer is that each and every one you to the extent possible is able to practice social distancing and you are able to do everything else that you need to do to protect yourself and your families from contracting the Coronavirus.    As a country and as people in the world we are operating in territory that we have never operated in before.   As I said on the last From the President’s Desk message, I wish there was something I could do to make this all go away, but we all know that is not possible.    What I need you to remember is that I am always here to assist in whatever way I can if you run into issues in your offices, or your chapters, that you cannot get settled on a local, or area basis.   We need to make sure we get issues settled as soon as possible and not let unneeded and undo stress be placed upon you in an already challenging and very difficult situation.

Over the course of the last week I have been able to participate in many many telecoms as I am sure most of you that are currently serving as a Postmaster, Manager or Supervisor have been as well.   I know that we have over time been promised that the number of telecoms would be reduced.  However, under these EVER-changing times and unprecedented need to get communication to you and your employees we need to be tolerant of it for now.   Make sure that you are sharing the information you receive as appropriate with the people that report to you.

While the number of service talks and other forms of communication you have been receiving may seem overwhelming, I know that it is absolutely vital that you are communicating with your employees and answering their questions.    I hope and pray that you are receiving that same level of support from your managers.   If you are not, please let me know and I will address that with the Area Vice Presidents.   I know that all of them are doing the best they can to have the messaging shared and if it is not being shared, or support is not there at all levels of the organization, they are going to want to address that immediately.    It is only by supporting one another that we can help each other get through this crisis and come out on the other side of this.  

So, whether you are an active member, or a member of our UPMA Retired group I wish you all health, safety and the support you need to get through this very difficult situation.   I am praying for all of you for the strength and energy you need now and into the future.

Thank you,

Dan Heins
National President