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UPMA Files Motion to Intervene

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 11/18/19

The United Postmasters and Managers of America has filed a motion to intervene as it relates to the lawsuit that was filed by the National Association of Postal Supervisors (NAPS).   UPMA’s motion to intervene deals ONLY with Count V of that lawsuit.    This Count V deals with NAPS’ request to represent Postmasters in pay consultations.    UPMA filed the motion in order to clarify for the court that our position is that U.S.C. Title 39 specifies that there is to be one management association to represent supervisors and another recognized organization to represent Postmasters.     Title 39 states that in order for an organization to represent Postmasters its membership must include at least 20% of the potential Postmasters as members and then can request to represent them.    Title 39 goes on, however, to say that no organization that represents supervisors is permitted to represent any other group of EAS employees.    As a result, I felt it necessary that as an organization we file this motion so that when the court looks at the lawsuit and makes a decision whether to dismiss all of it as the Postal Service has requested, or just Count V, as UPMA has requested, that our position is understood by the court prior to making a ruling.   

Daniel M. Heins
UPMA National President