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July 19, 2019 transcript of From the Presidents Desk video message

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 07/19/19

July 19, 2019 transcript of From the Presidents Desk video message

Hello everyone!

Welcome to the July edition of From the President’s Desk.   I truly appreciate this opportunity to share information with you and I welcome your feedback and any suggestions you may have for possible topics to be covered in the future.

The plans for the National Convention are well underway.     We will be heading out to Mohegan Sun next week to begin the final preparations.    Also, I will have the opportunity to attend the Connecticut Chapter Convention which is taking place on Thursday, July 25th.    Then on the 26th and 27th we will have our National Executive Board meeting.    If there are topics you would like the board to address, please contact me or one of the other board members to share that information.     We always welcome information from the membership.    Following the board meeting we will be full swing into everything convention related.    The team that has been planning the convention has worked hard to get everything ready.    Our national education chair, Wayne Francis and his committee members, Lee Ann Marks from Louisiana and Rachel Rowland from New York have worked extremely hard to put together a training schedule for Monday and Wednesday that should offer something for everyone.    We have classes that are Postal related as well as some that are non-postal and health related.    If you are one of the almost 1100 people that we have attending the convention, please take advantage of these offerings.

Over the past eight days the National Performance Assessment team that has been put together by USPS Headquarters has begun to do their work on putting the plans together for Fiscal Year 2020.   Yes, FY 2020 is right around the corner.    There are representatives on the team from each of the seven Postal Areas, as well as representatives from USPS Headquarters, and I was welcomed at the meetings and I am happy to be able to offer a field perspective to the deliberations on where we should go for the coming year.    The team is headed by Dr. Joshua Colin the Eastern Area Vice President and Mr. Eric Chavez the Northeast Area Vice President.    Both Dr. Colin and Mr. Chavez are committed to looking at all aspects of the program and working to make some meaningful changes wherever possible.     The other thing that I am excited about in the process is that the timeline that has been laid out for the team calls for making sure that all of the proposals are in place and that the plan would be rolled out before the start of the new fiscal year.    I know that we have heard several times over the years that we will have our goals before the year starts and it seems to get pushed back farther and farther into the year many times.   However, I want to be optimistic and I believe everyone on the team feels it is in the best interest all of our stakeholders if we can actually roll out the goals for the year at the start of the fiscal year to allow everyone to understand the expectations from day one.   Being this is my first year as part of this project I want to hold out the hope that we can indeed see progress between now and September 30th and that when you have your New Year’s celebration on October 1 you will know what the areas of focus are for the Postal Service in 2020.

Speaking of goals and expectations, I hope that all of you have been looking at your NPA scorecard for FY 2019.    You cannot and must not wait until September 28th or 29th to look at it.    I know that there are strides you can take in your office dealing with issues that will have whatever impact you can on the corporate scores.   However, you need to make sure you are looking at what is happening with your unit goals and what steps you can take to, perhaps, turn something around during this last quarter.    If there are goals there that you are not meeting and that are the result of poor budgeting, or whatever the factor might be; talk with your manager NOW to make sure you have a dialogue before the end of the year.   Your manager must have the opportunity to work with you and District office to make changes if they are appropriate.   If you wait until the last minute and then try to get things changed, that boat has already sailed, and you may be out of luck.   However, if you work on changes now and you do not get cooperation this may be grounds for mitigation.    Again, if you feel you need to go that route start preparing along the way so when the time comes you are ready.   

Thank you and I look forward to talking with you again next month.

Daniel M. Heins
National President
United Postmasters and Managers of America