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UPMA Proposed Articles and Bylaws changes are available for review

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 03/14/19

This year at your Chapter convention you will be voting whether to accept or reject the proposed changes to the UPMA Articles of Incorporation and the UPMA Bylaws.   There are currently 3 changes proposed to the Articles of Incorporation and Seventeen (17) proposed changes to the Bylaws.    At the National Convention in Connecticut, the results of the votes that are cast at your convention and the votes that are cast at all of the conventions will be announced and this will determine whether the proposed changes will be made to our UPMA Articles of Incorporation and our UPMA Bylaws, or not.    Please look these changes over prior to your convention, if possible.   There will be copies available at your convention, as well.    Thank you for taking the time to read these changes and your interest in our organization.     The voting that takes place at the Chapter convention will only be for active members.    The members of UPMA Retired will be voting on Articles Changes #2 and #3, and Bylaws Changes #2, #3 and #4; however, that vote will not happen until their meeting at the National Convention, so they should not vote at the Chapter convention.

2019 Articles and Bylaws Proposed Changes (PDF)