UPMA Welcomes the District of Columbia Chapter

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 06/05/18

One of my duties as your National Secretary-Treasurer is to petition the National Executive Board for a charter for a new chapter. I recently had the privilege to do so and we welcome the District of Columbia Chapter into UPMA.

It speaks volumes that some of our ex-Postmasters took the initiative allowed by the new structure to include all EAS to decide they wanted to have their own chapter at the HQ Level. While they are not all Postmasters any longer, it cannot go unnoticed that they have the highest membership percentage of Postmasters in the country. Albeit…there is only one Postmaster of Washington DC. Nevertheless, they have set the bar on membership!

Congratulations to Steven Kochersperger and Sara Martin for the drive and desire to help grow the organization.


   Submitted by:
   Jim Maher
   National Secretary-Treasurer