Financial health check up:

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 04/24/18

We have so many things on our plate daily, we often push to the side financial follow up. Don’t forget the money!  

We have helpful tip sheets available from Accounting. Smart Accounting addresses 247/647 issues. 

     AIC247:  a negative amount (appears in parenthesis); credit/reduction in expense.  

     AIC 647:  a positive amount, debit/increase in expense. 

Many postmasters stopped recording these activities when POS conversions took place many years ago. The requirement to maintain and track daily activity should be recorded on form PS25.  Have a sheet for 247/647, clerks, floor stock and banking. I have one binder with my weekly trust account reviews of Postal One and trust account activities. Group financial activities in one place for easy review when your audit teams knock at the door. 

To find your activity for this FY pull your report from EDW found under accounting. I try to print my Transfer of Accountability monthly, just for a quick financial health check up. 

Here’s to good health. 


   Norma Powell
   UPMA National Vice President
   Western U.S.