To send, or not to send, that is the question?

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 01/26/18

There are times in all of our lives when something that is said to us, or done to us, can really upset us.   How we react to being upset can determine how people are going to treat us and in some cases can have an impact on our future.   This is especially true in the workplace.  Make sure that what you say or, any emails or other correspondence you might send are done professionally and respectfully.

Do not simply lash out when you are upset and say, or do, something that you may live to regret.    If you are troubled by something that your manager, or an upper level manager may have put in place or an expectation they have for you make sure that you think twice before you react.   This is sort of like the old adage when doing woodworking.   Measure twice and cut once.   In this case make sure that you are considering what you are saying, or writing, before you say it, or in the case of an email, send it.   

If you are upset and feel that you need to react my suggestion is, type your response in a document that you can edit.   Do not type an email and send it before you have a chance to reconsider what you have said.   In many cases in the heat of the moment we may do something we will later regret.   Write your feelings down and have someone that you trust look it over and give their reaction.


   Submitted by:
   Daniel Heins
   UPMA National Vice President
   Western U.S.