Praise for an Unsung UPMA Hero

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 12/18/17
On Nov. 16, the UPMA Executive Board met in Reno, NV, for its annual fall board meeting. I’m not going to write about what went on at the meeting. I’m going to write about how one of your board members saved the life of one of their carriers.

Before the beginning of one of our morning sessions, this Postmaster received a phone call from one of their carriers. The carrier, a single parent, had just taken his child to school and did not think he would be able to work that day. When the Postmaster questioned the carrier, he said he had been urinating excessively and his vision was blurry. These are possible signs of diabetes.

The Postmaster told the carrier to immediately go to the emergency room. The carrier said he was concerned that if he went to the hospital, no one would be available to pick his child up after school. The Postmaster said, “If you don’t do to the hospital right now, there might not ever be anyone available to pick your child up.” The Postmaster made the carrier promise to go the hospital and said they would be checking to make sure he got treatment.

We later found out the Postmaster probably saved the carrier’s life. When he got to the hospital, his blood sugar level was 723; he was admitted and his blood sugar stabilized. He is alive to take care of his children. Being a newly diagnosed diabetic, I know how serious this situation could have been.

This Postmaster took these actions not for glory, but because it was the right thing to do. This Postmaster did not pass the buck because they were in Reno, using annual leave to take care of UPMA business. This Postmaster did not take these actions because of an employee engagement program. This Postmaster did these things because they care for their employees. I have not named names to protect the carrier’s privacy and I do not want to embarrass this Postmaster. I just want to give this Postmaster the thanks and recognition they deserve for doing the right thing.


    Submitted by
    David Weber
    UPMA National Vice President
    Western U.S.