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How Do You Spell Relief?

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 05/09/18

       Why did you join our organization? Was it the camaraderie and mutual support among peers with a unique understanding of what their colleagues are going through? Was it the legal defense plan or the superior training? How about the group’s dedication to protecting and improving the quality of work life for our fellow Postmasters and Managers?

        Which of these do you suppose is most appealing to prospective members who may have thought about joining, but haven’t yet? It’s probably a combination of all of the above, among other reasons, but in the current climate of constant and increasing pressure, that last one may be more important than ever -- don’t you think?

        Do you believe our current members would be pleased and perhaps become more involved if we as a group were to take an even bolder, more ardent approach towards holding our employer accountable for its promises to us? Do you think we would attract new members by more forcefully asserting our interests?

        For instance, what do you suppose would happen if, together, with one unified voice, we insisted that the promise of safety, health and the well-being of all employees -- including managers -- be fulfilled? What if we pushed back and declared that there is a limit to how many demands can be fairly and reasonably made upon a person, that at some point stress levels become unhealthy, that although we have always been willing to give extra, we must be respected as people with lives away from work and a right to remain healthy for our loved-ones and ourselves? What if we proposed giving the agency for a time exactly what it pays us for -- and no more, as a demonstration of just how much has come to be expected from us? What if for every new task added to our plates, Postmasters and Managers demanded a realistic time value and a priority ranking for that task? What if we resolved to hold accountable those who often presume to hold our members accountable for unrealistic goals and expectations?

        Are these questions audacious, radical? Or, are they reasonable questions whose underlying truths -- fairness, appreciation, respect -- are held by us and our superiors alike?

        Are you satisfied that the Postal Service truly has its Postmasters’ and Managers’ health and well-being in mind? Do you wonder whether things will eventually get better, or will demands upon our ranks grow even more onerous and pressurized? Had enough of continually increasing levels of stress? How do you spell relief? U-P-M-A.

       Please join us in our efforts to protect and improve the quality of work life for Postmasters and Managers throughout our nation. The American people and the United States Postal Service rely upon what we do for them every day. However, they don’t just need us; they need us to be healthy and strong. Become a leader among leaders. Get involved today.


   Submitted by:
   Drew Martin
   UPMA National Vice President
   Eastern U.S.