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Ready for Reno?

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 03/02/18 Ready for Reno?

July will be here before you know it.  As many of you know the UPMA National Convention will be held at the Nugget Casino in Reno, Nevada on July 21-27, 2018.  Still trying to decide if you want to go?  Do you have enough help at work to get away?  Can you afford it?  All these questions need to be answered soon.    

The National UPMA board held its board meeting in Reno in November 2017.  I was fortunate to go in a few days early.  Since I have never been to the Reno area before, I knew that I wanted to check out what Reno had to offer.  If you like gambling and mountains, you will feel right at home.  Reno was very welcoming and had a small town vibe to it.

If flying in, you will have several options.  You can fly right into Reno, but you need to start looking now to get a good airfare.  You also have the option of flying into Sacramento, CA and seeing a little scenery on a 2.50 hour drive to Reno.  Or maybe you want to visit Alcatraz if you fly into San Francisco?  This will be about a 3.50 drive to Reno.  Whatever route you choose, Lake Tahoe is a wonderful place to visit with spectacular views.  Lake Tahoe has been on my bucket list for about 25 years, and I am sure glad a checked it out this past November.  Maybe you should as well.  I have included a few pictures from my trip.  Hope you enjoy.

Please consider coming to Reno for the National Convention.  You will be glad you did.


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   Greg Nors
   UPMA National Vice President
   Western U.S.

Lake Tahoe Views


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