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Make a Difference Behind the Scenes at UPMA

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 02/01/18

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by all the new demands at work?  Ever wonder what is happening behind the scenes to combat the onslaught?  How would you like to find out first hand?  Why not become part of the UPMA leadership team of actively involved members working hard to protect and enhance the working lives of Postmasters and Managers?

Chapter conventions are coming soon throughout the nation, and at each one volunteers will be welcomed and deployed to help organize and conduct activities, including meetings, training sessions and more.  Appointments to key positions will also be made within these chapters.  And, finally, elections will be held at each convention to fill critical leadership positions. 

As a postal manager, you are already a leader.  You also know from experience just how crucial UPMA’s ongoing efforts are to all of us.  Please consider joining the ranks of our actively engaged leadership teams across the country.  Get involved; help make a difference.  Your knowledge, your ideas and your energy can help strengthen our organization and make the working lives of our members better. 


   Submitted By:
   Drew Martin
   UPMA National Vice President
   Eastern U.S.