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Posted by Frank Augustosky on 01/18/18

We have all seen the USPS news breaks where our employees do “miraculous” things every day.  From the carrier that alerts their supervisor or manager regarding a customer that hasn’t picked up their mail in a couple of days, the clerk that assists a customer that has fallen in the lobby and the manager that responds to a medical emergency of one of their employees.  Some would consider them “heroes”, but most of them say, “They would hope someone would do it for them” or “They were in the right place at the right time”.

Miracles also happen when you least expect them or when you don’t see them.  Some would say it’s just a coincident or that was weird, but others would see it as a sign from a higher power.  Don’t discount those miracles that happen around you.  Take them for what they are worth or take them as a sign from a higher power.  You can be blessed in ways you never thought you would be, so take hold of those and cherish them.  Pay it forward when you can do so.  You would be amazed at the impact that could have one someone day.


   Submitted by:
   Wayne Francis
   UPMA National Vice President
   Eastern U.S.