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Don’t PEAK out-It’s almost over!!!

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 12/22/17

Whew- it has been another one for the record books. Every year is the biggest year we have ever had. Next year will be even larger and so on and so on. As trying as the static routes and early morning runs have been, I feel more satisfaction this year in the overall performance of my office. My team has really shone this season.

I’m sure you all feel that same sense of accomplishment. You should. You have worked hard, faced many obstacles, and persevered. There really is great joy in a job well done. I tip my Santa hat to each of you.

Only a couple more days to go and then we can hopefully get the long awaited rest of a day off. We have all spent more time at the office these last two months than any other time during the year. My wish for each of you is a Merry Christmas spent in the company of the people you love the most.

The New Year is coming and brings its own set of challenges. Rest up.


   Submitted by:
   Angela Greene
   UPMA National Vice President
   Eastern U.S.