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Peak Season

Posted by Frank Augustosky on 12/05/17

We’ve coined another “Postal phrase.” Peak Season now replaces Holiday Season which replaced Christmas Season.  Fortunately, there are things that have not changed!  Let’s focus on a few of those.  We have more packages to deliver this time of year.  Our jobs depend on mail, and while Peak Season cards and bills have found other delivery methods, packages are abundant in all our buildings!  Second, it’s the Season of giving, and Postal employees are known for their generosity.  We have a nation-wide food drive, we have a Postal Employees Relief Fund for disasters, and we Deliver the Gift of Life as we fill the register with donors.  In addition, we hear numerous stories of employees responding to needy situations in local communities.  Third, whether it’s customers bringing treats to offices, planned office parties, or just a donut during the Peak Season Safety talks, there is a special  comradery between craft and managers during Peak Season.  Whatever you call it, it’s a positive season!

I have a retired friend who wrote a children’s book In Search of Santa; It is about a child trying to figure out who Santa really was. They went through the clues: Santa knew where they lived, could locate them even if they had moved, saw them regularly to know if they were naughty or nice and had access to their Christmas list!  It didn’t take a lot of investigation to figure out the mailman would be the Perfect Fit for all those clues.  In that Spirit, let’s remember that we are the most trusted federal employees.  Let’s remember the contributions of all our employees as coaches, club members, volunteers and community servants outside their everyday jobs.  Peak Season can be stressful, so let’s put it in perspective and be grateful for our jobs, considerate of our employees, and the share Spirit of Santa with all our customers.

    Submitted by
    Susan Rice
    UPMA National Vice President
    Eastern U.S.