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A Survey of Our Contributions to the Mission -- and More

I strongly encourage all EAS Employees to fill out the nationwide survey intended to assess our EAS workload. Don’t exaggerate, but don’t hold back, either. Remember, Continue Reading


UPMA Welcomes the District of Columbia Chapter

One of my duties as your National Secretary-Treasurer is to petition the National Executive Board for a charter for a new chapter. I recently had the privilege Continue Reading


Put Me In, Coach!

We are mid-way through another Convention season. Hours and hours of work, countless dollars and buckets of stress go into planning a successful Chapter Convention. Continue Reading


Safety – it needs to be more than a word, it needs to be a way of life.

Safety – it needs to be more than a word, it needs to be a way of life. As the supervisors, managers and postmasters in our units it is essential that we set the tone Continue Reading


How Do You Spell Relief?

Why did you join our organization? Was it the camaraderie and mutual support among peers with a unique understanding of what their colleagues are going through? Continue Reading


Financial health check up:

We have so many things on our plate daily, we often push to the side financial follow up. Don’t forget the money! Continue Reading


Fired vs. Not Fired table

Postmasters HAVE NEVER been fired for… Continue Reading


The Power of Your Voice

Once again UPMA has been heard. Late last month while many were beginning the rural mail count, some of the members... Continue Reading


Driving across the small towns of America it is not difficult to find abandoned post office buildings.

Continue Reading


The 2018 Legislative Summit was a Success.

The Legislative Summit was informative and the message was well received... Continue Reading


Attitudes are Contagious. Is Yours Worth Catching?

No one sets the tone in your office more than you. Do you go into work with a positive attitude or are you the first to jump on the Negative Nancy campaign? Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying Continue Reading

Ready for Reno?


Ready for Reno?

July will be here before you know it. As many of you know the UPMA National Convention will be held at the Nugget Casino in Reno, Nevada on July 21-27, 2018. Still trying to decide if you want to go? Continue Reading


Make a Difference Behind the Scenes at UPMA

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by all the new demands at work? Ever wonder what is happening behind the scenes Continue Reading


To send, or not to send, that is the question?

There are times in all of our lives when something that is said to us, or done to us, can really upset us. How we react Continue Reading



We have all seen the USPS news breaks where our employees do “miraculous” things every day. Continue Reading


Have you ever used ethics help?

A couple of years ago we had ethics training from the law department and HQ staff. At that time the ethics help email was shared. Great site for postal ethics questions Continue Reading


Don’t PEAK out-It’s almost over!!!

Whew- it has been another one for the record books. Every year is the biggest year we have ever had. Continue Reading


Praise for an Unsung UPMA Hero

On Nov. 16, the UPMA Executive Board met in Reno, NV, for its annual fall board meeting. I’m not going to write about what went on at the meeting. I’m going to write about how one of your board members saved the life of one of their carriers. Continue Reading


UPMA—What This “Family” Means to Me

I’m so grateful that I am part of the UPMA family. And I know my RCA, who desperately needed help, also is grateful for the connections. Continue Reading


Inspired or Not, Here we Come

Don’t you just love to be inspired? What a thrill it is to discover some new thing or idea that puts a fresh spin on your perspective and gives you a burst of energy and enthusiasm. Continue Reading