UPMA 2020 Membership Contest

The Race Is On

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UPMA 2020 Membership Contest

The UPMA Chapters have been divided into six groups based on time zone and chapter size.

The contest runs from July 2, 2019 thru June 30, 2020

The contest will consist of four components:

  • Individual – Each time a member signs a new member and is listed as the Sponsor/Person influenced your decision to join UPMA their name will be submitted in the drawing held at the national convention, the more you sign the more entries submitted. Five entries will be drawn at the convention, each entry drawn will receive $100.  You are eligible to win more than one time.

  • Within each of the six groups there is a competition between the chapters for the most points earned by signing new members.

To level the playing field since the UPMA chapters vary so much in size and new member opportunity the following rules apply on how to score points.

New Active members count as 1 point each. (an Active member is a Postmaster, Manager, Supervisor, EAS Professional or PMR)

New Associate Members count as .25 point.

New Retiree or 1187R received for a newly retired member count as .25 point.

The formula to determine the chapters new member points is the total point value using the scale above divided by the chapter’s total active members on the 7/2/2019 membership status report.

                The chapter awards within each group will be:

1st Place receives $1.00 per member in the total member column on the 07/01/2020

Membership Status Report

2nd Place receives $.75 cents per member in the total member column on the 07/01/2020

Membership Status Report         

  • Top performing UPMA Chapter Group determined by the highest point total of all chapters within each group divided by the number of chapters in the group.

UPMA Chapter Group Award:

Each chapter in the winning group will receive $.50 cents per member as listed in the total member column on the 07/01/2020 Membership Status Report.

  • Grand Prize: Special UPMA Membership Achievement Award Trophy to the Chapter with the most earned points to be presented at the National Convention.

Any incentives outside of this contest offered by the chapters to new members or the persons credited for signing new members are solely the responsibility of the chapter.  

UPMA Membership Initiatives

There are many ways to grow membership; they include:

Career Awareness Conferences
In-Person Membership Drives utilizing engaged chapter retirees
National Supervisor Program - NSP Classes
Postmaster Essentials Classes
Postmaster Appointment Lists
Chapter Membership Drives utilizing chapter board members and engaged members

The following documents provides details about each of these membership activities.

UPMA Membership Initiatives (Word)

UPMA Career Awareness Conferences (Power Point)