UPMA Online Training Schedule

Since we are so limited in our ability to do face-to-face meetings and training, UPMA will be offering you online training opportunities throughout the year. UPMA will provide the training sessions via Zoom, with USPS providing subject matter experts. You will need to register and be logged into a zoom account to attend.   

Scheduled Training Events



Video Recordings of Past Online Training

UPMA offers you online training opportunities throughout the year. Training sessions are provided via WebEx in partnership with FedPoint. Video recordings of past online training are available below for review and reference.



Topic: UPMA National President Edmund Carley covers all things NPA. From how to mitigate last year's score, salary ranges, and pay increases to goals and metrics for next year.

Speaker: UPMA National President Edmund Carley



Topic: How to Achieve Effective Leadership Skills  and Retain Employees

Speaker: UPMA National Vice President Maribeth Kirkland



Presentation Title: Leading with Heart

Guest Speaker: Michael Mattson

Description: Michael Mattson first fell in love with looking at life through different lenses while developing his passion for photography. He further refined his ability to see the world from different perspectives while earning degrees in Marketing and Entrepreneurship. As the Manager of Consumer Affairs for the Connecticut District, Michael has used these skills to develop a contemporary leadership approach. With an intense focus on empathy, communication, and integrity, Michael has driven Connecticut to become the most improved District in the Atlantic Area Customer Relations organization. His efforts have earned him multiple accolades, including formal recognition from U.S. Congressional Representatives. Michael enthusiastically supports the engagement and development of postal employees nationwide through LEAD. As a compassionate leader, he believes an exceptional customer experience begins with the heart. Michael will be presenting "Leading with Heart, " discussing emotional intelligence and its vital leadership role.



Presentation Title: The New APWU Contract and Your Office

Guest Speaker: Shannon Richardson, USPS Director, Labor Relations (APWU)

Description: This training highlights the new APWU contract and how it affects your office operations.

Recording Link: The New APWU Contract and Your Office

Passcode: &W@G9e9*


Presentation Title: The New Rural Contract and Your Office

Recording Link: Rural Contract April 14, 2022