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Make a Difference Behind the Scenes at UPMA

Are you feeling overwhelmed and frustrated by all the new demands at work? Ever wonder what is happening behind the scenes Continue Reading


To send, or not to send, that is the question?

There are times in all of our lives when something that is said to us, or done to us, can really upset us. How we react Continue Reading



We have all seen the USPS news breaks where our employees do “miraculous” things every day. Continue Reading


Have you ever used ethics help?

A couple of years ago we had ethics training from the law department and HQ staff. At that time the ethics help email was shared. Great site for postal ethics questions Continue Reading


Don’t PEAK out-It’s almost over!!!

Whew- it has been another one for the record books. Every year is the biggest year we have ever had. Continue Reading


Praise for an Unsung UPMA Hero

On Nov. 16, the UPMA Executive Board met in Reno, NV, for its annual fall board meeting. I’m not going to write about what went on at the meeting. I’m going to write about how one of your board members saved the life of one of their carriers. Continue Reading


Peak Season

We’ve coined another “Postal phrase.” Peak Season now replaces Holiday Season which replaced Christmas Season. Fortunately, there are things that have not changed! Continue Reading


Inspired or Not, Here we Come

Don’t you just love to be inspired? What a thrill it is to discover some new thing or idea that puts a fresh spin on your perspective and gives you a burst of energy and enthusiasm. Continue Reading


UPMA—What This “Family” Means to Me

I’m so grateful that I am part of the UPMA family. And I know my RCA, who desperately needed help, also is grateful for the connections. Continue Reading